Monday, March 19, 2007

Hail tall !!!

This post is dedicated to all those fellow lucky and unlucky folks who are taller than the ppl who are taller than an average Indian.

In Moi’s case, he had scaled the height of 183 cms when he was in his late teens – that’s exactly 6 feet for you!

Vairamuthu had once written in one of his songs: Aaradi uyaram azagiya uruvam apple pola irupaaneh! and that translates to “6 foot tall, handsome physique, looks like an apple” – sorry, tried a literal word-to-word translation and also hard to imagine someone looking like an apple…anyways; coming back to the topic, being taller is both a boon and a bane – especially in India. The taller are constantly reminded that they are taller than the lot (btw…is 6 feet tall enough to be called tall???!!!).

Being tall, Moi has experienced several height related issues in his life.

  • Teacher: stand in the last row…. don’t you see other boys who are shorter than you are standing behind you!
  • Someone to other one in the neighborhood: Oh that Saar! One who is tall! I am sure you are asking about the tall saar! rite?
  • Someone sitting behind in the movie hall: Saar! pls bend a little saar! I am unable to see the movie!
  • Someone standing behind in the temple: Thambi! You are blocking the God (????) come back!
  • Old aunties: you taller than what you were last time…if you grow like this, you will break the ceiling… ha ha… ha….
  • Everybody: dei, will you help me out by taking that box from that top shelf?
  • Moi’s friends: dei, RX100 is too small for you da…why din’t you buy some other vehicle.
  • All aunties & uncles: It’s tough to find a girl for you.

Though Moi had only a “smile” as the answer for all these comments/questions, he always had a secret desire of giving back strong to them.

Leave alone how the society perceives you, the guys who make the doors, ceilings, chappals, cars, pants, shirts, chairs, cots, beds, seats in buses - somehow comfortably forget that there are people who are more than 6 and they always miss couple of inches in everything because of being couple of inches tall.

Hey short ones!

  • Have you ever experienced sleeping in a cot not being lengthy enough to fit you and that you have to bend your knees to fit in and sleep in it?
  • Have you ever seen a movie with your bum on the edge of the seat but head on the usual place?
  • Do you know how it feels to bend down to speak face – to – face?
  • Have you ever sat continuously in “Z” shape during long bus journeys?

The tall ones (generally a very intelligent species) always have been sacrificed when it comes to anything and everything. The majority species (the short ones – generally less intelligent than the longer version) always had the numbers at their advantage. This majority has been oppressing the minority for a long period of time and it’s high time that the tall ones fight for the basic need – a few inches more in all things they use! Few inches more in the cot’s length, few more inches of leg space in the car etc…

Join hands the tall few....Lets make it happen!!!


Anonymous said...

pallavan busla thalai kunijjittu nikkanara kodumaiia vitutae!!
- Balaji

Kumar said...

Why did you forget the not-so-famous "kokkan" name given by the infamous venki in your list of height-related issues? May be is it so specific to you? Kulla payaga ellam unna pathi overa than pesaranga!


Sundar said...

Very True Harish... ;)